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5 routes to walk in West Yorkshire in under 2 hours

Spice up your walks and try one of these routes on your next walk...

Walk #1 - Bronte Waterfalls Circular (Picture above)

Check out this 5.8-km loop trail near Haworth , West Yorkshire. Give yourself 90 minutes to complete

Some small hills in places but worth it for the lovely views

Walk #2 - Harewood Circuit

A 7km+ route in Leeds, near Eccup Beck and the Grove, which can be completed in under 2 hours

This is a well marked route BUT if its rained, make sure you are wearing walking boots because it can get muddy in parts

Walk #3 - Scammonden Dam

A great 5km loop which can be completed in less than 90 minutes with great easy-to-follow trail paths

Walk #4 - Pugneys

This is only a 3km loop around a lake which would take on average 30 minutes, so if you have the time, do it again

Walk #5 - Skelton Lake Circular

A 2.7-km loop trail near Leeds, an easy route, it takes an average of 38 min to complete.

If you take on any of these routes, make sure you tag me on IG - @Chrisbramley_

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