The Four Pillar System 

Here is where you will find all the information and education on my Four Pillar System. It has been designed and set up in an order of priority. What you need to know now and each week moving forward

Take your time going through them. You don't need to go through each video in one day but I would recommend going through them as soon as you can so you have a better understanding of how the program works.

I am taking out all the fluff in the fitness industry and giving you actionable items that get results. 

I like to be as straight as possible and as transparent as possible. My goal is to get you a fantastic result in an efficient time and also help educate you on how you got the result and most of all, how to keep it!

Action takers get results! 

Each video will be under 15 minutes! Watch one video, take notes, implement then move on!


Please don't binge watch and not implement. 

Welcome, program overview and housekeeping
Success Mindset
My biggest piece of advice that will determine your success
How to use the APP for your measurements and exercise
How to get the best out of your workouts and how to execute
Diet (16 min Video)
Strategies to stay consistent
with your diet (15min video)
Warming up before exercise
How to track a takeaway
How to use MyFitnessPal