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I've helped over 200 hard working, ambitious Men
shift over 2 stone in 16 weeks
whilst juggling family life and a busy career
Stepping out of the rut they have lived in for too many YEARS & had them feel masculine and confident again when they look in the mirror.

Here is how I lost 7 inches off my belly and kept if off...

Are you tired of feeling weighed down by the extra weight that has crept on over the years?

Do you long to feel confident in your own skin and proud of your reflection in the mirror?

Its time to take care of #1, YOU!

This is me





I understand that life can get hectic...

Long hours at work, Client demands, Deadlines to meet, Meetings, working some evenings,

kids need to be here, there and everywhere and then trying to slot in a little time for you and the missus 

Its hard.


Or it can feel that way at least.


21, skinny fat, drinking most days, living on takeaways, no care in the world except I wanted to feel more masculine and confident

33, Married, young daughter,
the fittest, leanest & strongest I have ever been...
and still enjoying a few beers (have to enjoy a beer when you have a toddler) 

And If you are reading this you are probably the same as I once was...


Hating your belly sticking out


Every time you look in the mirror your eyes gravitate first to your belly

Every time you put a shirt or t-shirt on, you feel it first hugging your belly.

But you are confused and probably have a lot of questions....

How do I fit exercise into my busy day?

Should I do Cardio?  I hate running though

Do I just go to the gym? What do I do when I go?

What is the best way to train?

Do I have to eat clean all the time?

Are cheat meals a good idea?

and so many more...

There is so much info out there for "how to lose weight" it actually becomes confusing

This then causes the problem for most guys, which is...

Not doing anything in case its the "wrong thing"

Because you don't want to be wasting your time

Here is the kicker though...

You have been wasting it all these years by not doing something

On average, when guys come to me, finally understanding they need guidance, its been 5 years of struggle, all the way up to 15 years of dealing with the extra weight!

15 YEARS!!! 



within months, they transform, and all say the same

"I wish I would of done this years ago"

Here are just a few of those guys...

I'm going to let you know a secret though

The fitness workouts you see on youtube

The "meal plans" that cost £9.99 a month

Are NOT the solution you need

They are just a mask

Something you can do when you are motivated, when the time is right and something designed to lose a few pounds for a holiday for you to gain it all back again in a few weeks and you're then back at the drawing board

I know because I've done it all

What you actually need is to get to the ROOT of the issue

What is actually getting in your way of you finally feeling proud and content?

Is it,


Late night snacking? Stress eating? Drinking most evenings? Hungover every weekend? No time to get to the gym? Friends/family unsupportive? Past injury? Lack of knowledge?

Once you identify what it is that is actually holding you back, you can begin to work on that issue

Guess what happens...

You start to push past that bottle neck and finally begin to see the weight fall off

This is how the GSD program was evolved

I was a procrastinator

I was ambitious but I wasn't putting in the work

I always had a toe dipped in but I never jumped

So I stayed stuck, for YEARS, just like you

I needed to start GETTING SHIT DONE!

I learnt new time management skills

I created routine around family life & work which has me hitting the gym

4x week consistently now for years

I eat food I enjoy, I eat every evening with my family

(not making a meal for me because Im "on a diet" and a separate meal for them )

and I got off my arse more

This is what I teach all the guys that come into the program to do

To make it apart of their lives, apart of who they are

So its the last program you will ever need because the fat ain't coming back!

First step, 

Together, lets uncover what you need right now
to start to make a change

Schedule a call below, one that is best for you,
and we can get you out of your rut!

Speak soon. Chris .

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